About Us

Can I Kick it is a disabled veteran owned and operated company founded with inspiration from classic sneakers and hip hop culture. The graffiti ,breakdancing, OG Air Jordan 1’s.. yeah thats us. We are the cool kids at the table that everyone wants to sit with. And according to our Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility”. So we feel its our duty to welcome you to our world of fly kicks, hype fashion, and the entire pop culture zeitgeist. (You can thank us later)


To accomplish our mission, we vow to always stay ahead of the culture. That means your present is our past. Gone are the days of the geeks, jocks, outcast, and hipsters sitting at separate tables in the cafeteria. In our future, the sneaker culture is synonymous with all cultures. And we saved you a seat at the table, so you can KICK it with us. (You can thanks us now, forget what we said before)


To be apart of the squad, follow us on social media or drop us a line at info@canikickit.com